Friday, April 26, 2013

I took a rather long hiatus, but I'm back now! Someday I'll blog regularly. My life is different than it was last time I wrote. I'm in a healthy relationship and I moved and I changed my hair to a Zooey Deschanel inspired look. (Spoiler alert: I do not look like Zooey Deschanel.) I feel a lot happier and healthier and that makes writing hard, which scared me off for a while- but then I realized that if I never try, I'll never get back into the swing of things.

Tonight I'm waiting for my computer to fix itself, and watching My Strange Addiction and now I am hopelessly addicted to talking about the people on My Strange Addiction. One lady was "addicted" to a stuffed lamb and apparently it really freaked everyone out that she carried it around, and I don't understand why she didn't like, stuff it in her purse and carry on being addicted to it. It's not like anyone would stop her on the street and demand to search her for the lamb.

I'm also going to try rag curls in my hair because if I don't, I'm going to become addicted to my curling iron, which I guess wouldn't tear apart my family the way Stuffed Lamb Lady's lamb tore apart hers, but it is awfully damaging to my hair. At least I'd have the common sense to put my curling iron in my damn purse instead of carrying it around and cooing at it. I could TOTALLY just coo at it if it were inside my purse, and I think that'd be okay until someone wanted to know who Betsy was and why she's a pretty girl and then I'd just lie and say I had a baby in my purse, because carrying a tiny human that screams and smells bad is more socially acceptable than carrying my curling iron WHO NEVER HURT ANYONE. Maybe all those people who carry around babies should be on that show. Parenting? More like "in the clutches of a horrible addiction"! Someone ought to be staging interventions for those poor lost souls.