Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Boys SUCK and I am well quit of them.

I usually don't like to publicly write about the more private aspects of my life because I hate when shit turns into Chelsea's Adventures in the Wasteland that is Men, but really, boys are stupid, and you should throw rocks at them. BIG ROCKS. AND THROW THEM HARD. This post really has no point to serve other than for me to talk about being so over dudes and their crap; like I don't even. I'm at the point where I'm almost not even dreading being a year older, because only assholes go for the "barely legal" thing and also? I think I'm ready. For better guys. Like, really, give me someone mature with a backbone, if that even exists. And if it doesn't then I'm totally going to be single forever, and get eaten by cats because I just cannot even, anymore. I'm DONE with "truth by technicalities" and being seen as the equivalent of a coloring book- an excellent time killer, but still cheap and not really what you consider worthwhile- and I'm done with flat-out not being appreciated for being the amazing person I am, and I will never, EVER, take less than I deserve, ever again.

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