Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday: Fairs, Fighting, and Family

I had a happy Fourth of July- actually, I was working at a fair so I was very tired, but I had tons of fun watching fireworks with a very dear friend of mine! And then yesterday I did another event, and you know, I think that people need to maybe NOT hang around my booth if they have no intentions of buying things? By all means, look around and take your time and enjoy my display, and if you decide not to buy anything? I'm not even mad! But if your sole intention is to, like, chat me up, because you're not buying what I'm selling, but you'd buy SOMETHING ELSE that really isn't for sale, you should knock it the hell off.

I mentioned this to my mom, and she told me to quit giving everyone bedroom eyes all the damn time, which is a gross overstatement of how often I give bedroom eyes. And then I'm like, "It's how I get affection, because you're an absentee parent," and she's like, "YOU ARE TWENTY YEARS OLD," and then I accuse her of loving my brothers more than she loves me and harass her until she says I am her favorite. That's how everyone interacts with their business partners, right?

Oh, and there was totally some guy stomping on some other guy's face and shouting about his sister, and I wanted to know what the stompee did to his sister, but it seemed like really poor form to ask. I think it's more that I'm nosy, than that I'm concerned about the well-being of strangers. And I do care, but I'm very, very nosy. "Curiosity killed the cat" is so apt, because when I don't know things, I feel like I might die a little. Believe me, that never causes friction in my personal life. Not even a tiny bit.

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