Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I like that show Under the Dome, which is about a town trapped under a DOME, of all things. I like how during the first episode, everyone kept saying it was like a wall or a fishbowl, because apparently no one knows how a fucking fishbowl works. If it's upside down, you've read the instructions incorrectly. But I digress, and I'll get back to talking about how annoying I am to watch TV with, because every time someone mentioned a thing that WASN'T a dome, I corrected them.

And now, during the second episode, no one can stop saying the word "dome", and y'all, I get SO EXCITED every single time. Someone even used the exact phrase "under the dome" and I was like I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Because they are UNDER THE DOME and the title is UNDER THE DOME and dome doesn't even look like a word anymore. I barely recognize it as a thing. It's more like an abstract concept, like religion or Australia. Like, I know it's there, but sometimes I have a really hard time believing in it.

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