Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Attack of the List

Some things:
- I really think that if Ginger were a person, she'd speak in Paris Hilton's "baby voice" and say things like "The extra weight looks so good on you!"...to people recovering from eating disorders.
- I did some tie-dyeing yesterday so I spent the entire morning rinsing it all by hand like a 14th century laundress. I particularly like a dress I did AND I AM GOING TO BE MARRIED/BURIED IN IT BECAUSE I BASICALLY KILLED MY HANDS FOR IT.
- I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately and it reminds me of when my ex said he'd cheat on me with Taylor Swift, so I said I'd cheat on him with everyone, ever, and apparently that made the game "not fun anymore" or whatever.
- I walk at least a few miles every evening and I found out that there's a track with BUNNIES like right next to my house, so now I'm going to start going there. I'm very happy because spending all that time walking so close to Target was getting expensive.
- I am kind of obsessed with rattlesnakes lately. I don't, you know, WANT one but I keep thinking about them. A lot. All the time. I think I have Stockholm Syndrome because of all the rattlesnakes.

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