Friday, June 29, 2012

- Last night I really felt like I KNEW what I was doing at work (and no drunk ladies kissed me, which was kinda nice, because, like, I really wanna sell hair accessories without sexual harassment). And the guy in the next booth was maybe being flirty? I don't even know. He was cute, but, like, I'm just not even... doing that. The looking at men thing, I mean. I just make the worst decisions with that kind of stuff. Like it's not even fun to talk about, because at this point it makes me look like I have bad taste instead of bad luck.

- Also, last night, I wore way too much makeup, like I do every day and especially for work stuff, but I added glitter eyeliner. I like Too Faced Starry Eyes in Restraining Order (so named because it makes you look so foxy you'll have a million stalkers, I assume). I've had it for a while and wasn't that blown away by it, but I fell IN LOVE with it last night. I even wore a tiny bit today, because I'm really, really demure and tasteful when it comes to my appearance.

- Lately I've been into, you know, sleeping at night (or at all) so I take melatonin. I've tried it before and it makes me do things like take off my clothes or unmake my bed or tear through my purse like a raccoon IN MY SLEEP. It hasn't done that this time, but the dreams are insane. Very vivid and usually kind of terrible, but maybe worth it, since I wake up feeling rested, and my dreams are always terrible, anyway.

- Speaking of, I used to have raccoons. I mean, they weren't mine, but they lived in my garage and ate my food and broke my dryer like really big, angry cats. WITH HANDS. Once my mom threw a beach ball at one to scare it away, and it just HISSED, because they are awful creatures. They'd just hang out there, when you'd want to do laundry and things, and refuse to leave/chew up my copy of Dolores Claiborne and scatter cat food everywhere, which really attracted a lot of stray cats. I'm nothing if not brave in the face of wild animals, so what I did is... quit going out into the garage after eight or so in the evening.

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