Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Which I Am So Very Cool

Ginger and I spent the weekend watching the apartment/dog/guinea pig of a family friend. It was fun- on Friday I wound up having a really emotional conversation with my mom about cat death that involved screaming at each other (it gets more fun, truly), but then I snuggled with the best dog ever and stayed up all night watching Wizards of Waverly Place with a glass of wine, because I am a grown up. Saturday, I was EXHAUSTED and running around in three inch heels doing work stuff, and having to sit down and have laughing fits because this is my brain on NO SLEEP AT ALL AND WIZARDS. Then my mom lost her iPhone and we had to chase after it in WalMart and the parking lot and just everywhere, ever, and then it was in her jacket pocket and then I killed my mother. I'm totally kidding. I only roughed her up a bit a reserved her spot in the worst nursing home I could find. And then today on the way home, the car started making this... sound. It sounded like the ocean, but also like you're being sucked out of an airplane? Anyway, it was a scraping sound, because the bottom of my mom's car was dragging on the ground. So we pulled into a parking lot and kinda poked at the car with a stick and this chick pulled up and my first thought is OH MY GOD SHE IS GOING TO SPIT ON ME and then I thought that maybe she saw two women sitting on the ground, poking at a car with a stick and wanted to help? But no. She wanted to know what the park was called. Um, I don't know? The Bottom of the Car Fell Out So We're Poking at it with a FUCKING STICK Park?!

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