Sunday, June 23, 2013

"I have no heart, I'm cold inside"

This picture* is my favorite thing. I went on a long walk and giggled every single time I thought of it, while I did amateurish baton twirls with my hook-ended stick, and people gave me plenty of space on my walk. I never look scary, but I can TOTALLY look crazy.

I peeked at Supermoon, which was unimpressive. I am unimpressed, Supermoon. GO HOME SUPERMOON, YOU'RE DRUNK. I'm also unimpressed with the ice cream I'm eating to fill the void where my heart used to be, but since there's a whole bunch of it in my freezer, I guess I'll just eat all of it. Otherwise it's just wasteful, and I may be dead inside, but I don't let perfectly good, incredibly disgusting ice cream just go UNEATEN. It's s'mores ice cream, so there are graham crackers and I guess when I picked it out, I conveniently forgot that I hate graham crackers. But I hate everything, and it's hard to keep track. Ooh, sometimes I won't even KNOW that I hate something until it's mentioned, and then I'm like, "Actually, I DO hate that 'innocuous' thing that you're forcing upon me. Please take your blueberries and go." I didn't even know I hated blueberries until JUST NOW. I've even eaten them recently, though I didn't like a single moment of it.

The title is taken from Queen's Save Me, which speaks to me. For someone who bitches about music a lot, I sure do like to name things after songs. Books, too. I make literary puns and no one gets them. I've been thinking about doing a reading liveblog, but I'm not sure what I'd live-read. Everyone's done Twilight. If I could find my copy of Wuthering Heights, I'd do that, because I LOVE Wuthering Heights. I read it when I was like 14 and was like LOVE IS CLUTCHING YOUR BELOVED'S CORPSE because somehow that message is appropriate for teenagers. Everyone flips out about zombie shooting games and, like, I never liked video games, but everything I read in high school was about death or husband stealing or both. It was the start of my obsession with Anne Boleyn, which remains intact today, and is totally a subject for a different post. OH MY GOD ANNE BOLEYN'S LAST POEM, I HAD IT MEMORIZED AND I'D QUOTE IT.

*I don't know how said picture will be formatted.

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