Monday, June 3, 2013

My boyfriend broke up with me, which absolutely bites, but I'm writing a book, so you know, silver linings. Oh, and I lost some weight, even though I eat and everything, which means I'm probably dying. That's really just incentive to write faster, because I don't want children so my words are my legacy. Thank god I've written important things about Twilight.

Yesterday I watched He's Just Not That Into You, which was fucking horrible and I can't recommend it enough, if you like stories about legitimately terrible people all being terrible together, or if you like Ginnifer Goodwin, because I like Ginnifer Goodwin in the same way that I just really like nuns. I'm especially fond of her on Once Upon a Time, and I want the new season to come on Netflix NOW because I've been watching the same 22 episodes for a year and I want more. Also on Netflix is the X-Files, but no one else shares my intense passion for it, and it's really not as much fun if you have to watch it alone. MY RINGTONE IS THE X-FILES THEME AND SOMETIMES WHEN PEOPLE CALL, I JUST LET IT PLAY FOR A WHILE. Once I tried to embroider a replica of Mulder's "I want to believe" poster, but it turns out that I hate embroidery, no matter how wonderful that would have been.

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