Thursday, June 20, 2013


I had a dream that I was hopelessly in love with someone, and he totally broke my heart and also killed my horse and I'm still kind of upset (read: horribly fucking offended) about the whole thing, which makes no sense, but I'm a woman and I don't let something stupid like "making sense" fuck up my being angry. I really loved that horse. He was my everything, and he was beautiful and he had a shiny coat and wore hats and took me everywhere I wanted to go and nuzzled me and someone KILLED HIM and I'm tearing up just thinking about it. (Note: I do not have a horse and never have.)

So anyway, there's that, and I've had a headache literally for days and I just want someone to take it all away and just FIX it, for fuck's sake. This morning I was getting increasingly annoyed by the noise from the coffee maker until I realized that I was the one making coffee, and then I was just annoyed for no reason. The only thing for such a mood is pop-country music and even the love songs sound pissed off, like all these romantic verses are just being spat out. It almost sounds better that way. Maybe love just sounds better when it's angry. Taylor Swift would totally agree with me.

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