Monday, June 10, 2013

I woke up at 4am because I had literally the dumbest nightmare ever- I was out on a date with someone I really didn't like, he was getting pushy and stalker bananas toward me and then there was a HUGE interlude about how there wasn't enough hot sauce on my burrito, and frankly, even now that I'm awake, that's still the most upsetting part of that dream. This is particularly weird for two reasons- one, I frequently have very intense nightmares about stalking, date rape, etc, and they're horrible and really fuck with me; and two, I don't even LIKE a lot of hot sauce on my food. I like some, but I'm never ever like, "THIS BURRITO IS SEVERELY LACKING IN THE HOT SAUCE DEPARTMENT" the way I was in this dream. And now I'm awake and the goddamn birds are singing outside, and I don't even have words for how much those smug chirpy pricks irritate me sometimes. A while back, there were these mockingbirds that stayed up and sang all night long, which seems horribly unfair because one of the nicest things about nighttime is that there are no birds. Plenty of coyotes, but nary a bird. I can understand the beauty of a nice-looking bird, but in general, they unnerve me. They stare, you know. And they communicate in loud chirps that I can't really understand, but I suspect that they're signalling each other to attack.

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